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About SCT

Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours of operation?
Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes you can. SCT gladly accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Do you charge interest on past due accounts?
SCT reserves the right to add finance charges to all accounts past due for 30 days or longer.

Where did the name Second Creek come from?
Second Creek is located in near Lewisburg, West Virginia. It is one of the finest trout streams in the Mountain State. One section of the stream is designated for catch and release and fly fishing only.


Computer Forensics | Electronic Discovery

Is deleted information gone for good?
It depends. Generally, information remains on the hard drive until it is overwritten. "Deleting" the information only tells the computer that this particluar space is available to store data if it needs to.

Should I turn the computer on before I ship it to you?
Absolutely not. Booting the machine could potentially alter any evidence stored on the hard drive.

Can I ship evidence to Second Creek?
Yes you can. Normally, evidence that is shipped to us for examination is done so using FEDEX or UPS.

Is my digital evidence stored securely at SCT?
Yes it is. All of our digital evidence is stored in our digital media rated, fire safe. The safe is located in our secure, alarmed facility with 24/7, 365 monitoring.


How much does a web site cost?
Well, that depends. It all depends on the features and functionality of a particular site. Our typical custom site starts at approximately $2200.

How long does it take to develop a web site?
Our normal development cycle is 30-60 days. Some sites may take less, some sites may take longer. The timeline depends heavily on the clients involvement and ability to meet deadlines. Client generated content is by far the number one cause of delays.

I don't have a domain name. Can Second Creek help me choose and purchase a domain name?
We certainly can. We will be happy to handle that for you or walk you through the process.

Do you offer hosting?
Yes. We offer a wide array of hosting packages for small and big businesses.

Information Technology | Networking

What should I do to maintain my computers and servers?
Today's internet can be a dangerous place if you aren't properly protected. An unprotected pc, server or network can quickly become infected with and number of virus' and spyware. This malicious software can lead to identify theft, loss of data, loss of productivity and hefty repair bills. You should always keep your computers and servers up to date with the latest patches.

Why should I sign up for a Service Level Agreement?
An SCT SLA has many advantages. Our SLA clients enjoy lower rates, personal service, less stress, and greater productivity. Our monthly SLA service includes keeping your machines updated with the latest updates.

Can Second Creek support my computer network if I'm in another state?
Absolutely. In addition to providing on-site support, we can also access your network remotely. The allows us to get to you quickly in case an emergency no matter where you are.

How does Second Creek prioritize calls for service?
SCT prioritizes calls based on several factors including severity of the problem, impact on the clients business process, and number of users affected. All things being equal, clients with Service Level Agreements will get priority over those that do not.

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