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Electronic Discovery

eRisk Management

If you work in a field where litigation is likely, having a strong E-Risk Management plan is critical to protect your company. With technology changing daily, how do you remain prepared for a Discovery request in a litigious world? Second Creek Technologies has the answers.

Second Creek developed our E-Risk Management practice due to the increased risk of legal action demanding electronic information. Companies all too often fail to plan ahead and, as a result, spend extraordinary sums retrieving relevant data, have difficulty providing information in a timely manner or fail to respond comprehensively to electronic discovery requests. By reviewing your IT systems, we can determine whether they match your document retention and destruction policies. With proper E-Risk Management planning, your company can be ready and able to comply with discovery requests in a proper manner, thus saving you money in production costs, downtime and attorneys’ fees.

Even if you have a competent in-house IT team, a Second Creek E-Risk Management plan can provide peace of mind when a lawsuit strikes. Our E-Risk Management plans anticipate and can help prevent evidence spoliation like that which has had devastating consequences for companies like Morgan Stanley, Philip Morris, USB Warburg, and Arthur Andersen, just to name a few.

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