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Electronic Discovery


As of December, 2006, the federal civil discovery rules will change considerably in efforts to meet the needs of modern litigants in a computer-based society. Complying with these changed procedures while controlling costs will become the next great challenge for any business tied up in the eventualities of litigation. You already know Second Creek Technologies, LLC. has a team of electronic discovery experts in fields ranging from computer engineering to law, but you may not know that we have now partnered with Kroll-Ontrack to also provide you with the very latest in document review software. Together we assist our clients preparing for or already involved in litigation by collecting, reviewing and managing the volumes of extracted data sought by an electronic discovery request.

We can now offer you the ability to conduct a native file review and to search all the files in a litigation support database. The personalized and secure database we create for you will permit redactions, annotations, highlights and categorizations of the evidence. All these services and features translate to the most efficient, cost-effective compliance with court-ordered discovery.

Some of our case experience includes:

  • Location and preservation of data in anticipation of litigation

  • Health care fraud

  • Corporate disputes

  • Insurance litigation

  • Medical malpractice

  • Industrial accidents involving death

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