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CLE Student Comments

"I needed this seminar but didn't know how much until about 20 minutes into it. It only got better as it went on. Thanks."

“I went from illiterate on the subject to feeling comfortable with it.”

"This was really great. Very informative, substance and useful information with excellent discussion."

"VERY excellent."

“Well done “dumbing down” some tech jargon. Very impressive presentation in terms of showing what they offer in general.”

“Excellent presentation. Information is clear, concise and well-received”.

“Wonderful use of Power Point!”

“Highly knowledgeable speaker, both in terms of tech and law.”

“Well thought-out applications of earlier discussions. I think it worked well to show how important these issues are. It really put into perspective the potential dangers for some of the more seasoned attorneys in the audience used to the lax principles of the past”.

“Excellent collection of relevant materials. Will find practical use with colleagues and clients.”

“A patient and thorough explanation.”

“Great exposure to abilities of local services. Good insight into details of forensics and applications to the e-discovery course topics."

“Best seminar I’ve attended!” 

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