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Computer Forensics

What to Consider when Retaining a
Forensic Accountant

  • Second Creek’s Forensic Accounting Team consists of retired IRS agents with MBA’s.

  • A Forensic Accountant should be retained as early as possible in order to obtain maximum benefit. The early assistance of a Forensic Accountant can significantly reduce the overall cost and maximize the benefits. If retained early, a Forensic Accountant can assist with the Examination for Discovery, identify additional areas of damages, assist with settlement negotiations and provide a preliminary assessment of the quantum of damages.

  • If a Forensic Accountant is engaged as an expert witness, then he or she should be given access to all of the relevant documentation. If restrictions are imposed upon the scope of the investigation there may be an impact upon the judicial acceptance of the findings.

  • In situations where counsel is involved, the Forensic Accountant should be retained by counsel, not directly by the client, so that the privilege which exists between the client and counsel will be extended to the work product of the of the Forensic Accountant.

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