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Computer Forensics

From Wireless Internet to iPods, the world has embraced digital technologies. Our legal system, long geared towards the production and retention of paper, is now playing "catch up" to the world’s new electronic environment. The explosion in electronic methods of creating, communicating, and managing electronic data has re-invented the meaning of the term “document” in the context of discovery and document production.

The amendment to the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34 that took effect on December 1, 2006 recognizes electronically stored information as a category of discovery that is separate and distinct from “documents” and “things.” Gone are the days when litigation attorneys focused primarily on paper discovery and reams of documents.

Personal computers were a novelty just 20 years ago and E-mail didn’t exist. Ask yourself how many letters you mail in a day compared to the number of E-mails you send. Our electronic culture expands, not with mounds of shredded documents, but with bits and bytes of electronic data that are believed to be destroyed with the push of a button. Where does the "deleted" information go? Into the work environment of Second Creek’s computer forensics scientists.

Second Creek Technologies draws upon our staff’s years of civil and criminal investigation experience and multiple graduate degrees in computer engineering to provide a cutting edge resource in the new field of legal investigation merged with computer forensics. Using state of-the-art computer forensic tools in our secure computer forensic laboratory allows Second Creek to maintain your evidence in an environment that is optimal for analysis, chain of custody and admissibility in court.

The lawyers, investigators and engineers of Second Creek stand ready to assist with your computer forensic needs. In today’s world, you don’t want your opponents' file cabinets – you want their hard drive. The “smoking gun” of your case may now be found in a maze of digital information that Second Creek Technologies can locate, sift through, preserve and help present to your jury.

Some of our case experience includes:

  • Recovery of deleted data

  • Homicide

  • Industrial accidents involving death

  • Theft of proprietary information

  • Child pornography

  • Healthcare fraud

  • Employee misconduct

  • Professional Misconduct

  • Malicious software

  • Corporate disputes

  • Network intrusion

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