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Computer Forensics

Marshall FSC Partnership

Marshall Second Creek Technologies is proud of its ongoing partnership with Marshall University’s Forensic Science Center as well as the department of Integrated Science and Technology.  The Marshall University Forensic Science Graduate Program was founded in 1994, and today is one of only seven such Master of Science degree programs in the country and one of only three to be accredited by the Forensic Science Education Program Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).

The Forensic Science Center occupies a state-of-the art facility on the campus of Marshall University, boasting digital evidence laboratories and cutting edge computer equipment. As one of only three programs in the United States that is accredited to offer a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science, this reciprocal relationship not only strengthens the discipline of computer forensics, but also creates the next generation of electronic investigators.

By sharing faculty, staff and resources, this cooperative agreement allows Second Creek to stay abreast of the latest computer forensic technology and is a great example of how private / public partnerships can work and benefit both parties.

“I appreciate the support we’ve received from everyone at Second Creek and hope this is a relationship that will continue for many years,” said Dr. Terry Fenger, Director of the Marshall University Forensic Science Center. “As our program continues to grow, our graduates will serve as the next generation of computer forensic scientists. Combined with the rapid growth of digital technologies, this is a career that will be in great demand and will depend on the private support of companies like Second Creek. With their lawyers, investigators and engineers, we have access to additional ‘real world’ talent and skill needed to make certain we remain on the cutting edge and meet the demands of civil and criminal investigations.”

"One of the main benefits of our reciprocal relationship with Second Creek is an internship program. This program will give our students valuable experience outside the classroom." said Fenger.

To find out more about Marshall University’s Computer Forensic initiative, contact Dr. Fenger. To learn more about our partnership, visit the MISDE
web site

Learn More about Second Creek's partnership with Marshall University's department of Integrated Science and Technology.

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