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"I contacted your company as a last resort. We didn’t hold out much hope that the valuable data could be recovered but wanted to try one last resource. Second Creek Technologies not only retrieved the data but returned it to us within the week."

—Capt. Mike Wilson
Administrative Bureau Commander
Huntington Police Department

IT Solutions

Data Backup & Recovery

When information is lost, it costs companies money. From the time consuming task of re-keying information to a loss of customers and clients, information is one of your most valuable commodities. By creating data recovery solutions with Second Creek Technologies, your IT infrastructure will have several layers of fail safe systems designed to protect you from information losses. In the event of damage or accident, Second Creek Technologies also offers state-of-the art data retrieval services.

Second Creek is a proud partner of Kroll Ontrack, the world’s largest data recovery services provider.

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Despite being heavily damaged during a fire, Second Creek was able to recover data from both of these computers.

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