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"We clearly would not have been as advanced as we are from an IT standpoint if we had not brought 2nd Creek on board. Our future is exciting and ever growing with Second Creek as our partner. Thanks for all your help!"

—Dan Ritchey, M.S.
Branch Director
Huntington YMCA

"Because we have locations in multiple states and with various (and sometimes limited) technical know how your remote support of these locations has really benefited us and allowed those locations to come into the 21st century".

——Mike Emerson
President & CEO
Huntington Steel & Supply Co

IT Solutions

Solution Development

In today’s complex computing environments, businesses don’t have the luxury of a “one size fits all” philosophy towards their computing needs. We can help you develop a tailored solution to your IT needs that enhances the work of your company.

Solution Development Services:

  • Complete analysis of your business network and system needs

  • Network relocation, design, redesign and installation

  • Computer upgrades and support

  • System integration

  • Network security

  • Consulting for the optimal hardware and software configurations

  • Software and computer system sales

Solutions that Reel in Results!