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"The customer service was phenomenal. Simply put, they did what they said they were going to do – when they said they would do it."

— Dr. Terry Shepherd
Founder & Executive Vice President HIT Centers Inc.
Dublin, Ohio

"Our new website is spectacular, with a very clean, professional look. It loads quickly and is very easy to navigate. We have received numerous compliments on the new site from our customers and colleagues worldwide."

—Stan Kirk
Vice President (Marketing)
Special Metals Corporation
Huntington, WV

Web Design


Flash is a powerful application used to create dynamic, interactive and engaging content on the Web. Flash allows developers to deliver motion and sound to web sites without slowing them down. It connects with and entertains users like no other web technology, and its impact on visitors is superior to that of static HTML pages.

The Flash plug-in is the most widely available plug-in on the web. A recent study estimated that 92 percent of all computers in the U.S. have some version of Flash installed as a web browser plug-in. Nearly all new computers come with the plug-in pre-installed.

We see far too many inappropriate uses of Flash on the web. No doubt you have seen those complex Flash animated introductions to web sites that are, in the words of Shakespeare “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” It demonstrates the expertise of the Flash programmer but adds nothing to the user experience.

Second Creek pays special attention to the appropriate use of Flash. We understand the power of the application to draw the user into the web site and we're careful to make sure that our Flash presentations inform and educate those who visit your site.

Before we use Flash on your site, we ask, will it create a more friendly and helpful user experience? Does it add quality to the Web site?

Quality is what matters and quality is what Second Creek is all about.

Second Creek Flash Samples

Take the Fast-track Interactive Tour of HIT Centers Inc Capabilities.

Special Metals Corporation “100 Years of Innovation” flash animation.

Flash based home page for Amerirad, Inc.

Sample rich media banner ad.

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