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"The customer service was phenomenal. Simply put, they did what they said they were going to do – when they said they would do it."

—Dr. Terry Shepherd Founder & Executive Vice President
HIT Centers Inc.
Dublin, Ohio

"Second Creek Technologies offers its customers outstanding quality of service for a wide variety of Information Technology solutions."

—Carolyn H. Hale
Director of Technology and Information Services
Wayne County Board of Education

Web Design


Here are some options that can add functionality and management capability to your site:

  • Web site content management

  • Interactive calendars

  • Customer support management

  • e-Commerce

  • Database tools

  • Training courseware and testing systems

  • Sales lead tracking

  • Shipping and tracking solutions

  • Software and file repositories

Your visitors are not the only ones who benefit from this technology. Your employees can also make use of intranet applications designed especially for your business to help them effectively manage multiple projects and enhance their productivity.

Our programmers are proficient in various programming languages and can build custom web applications to fit your needs and budget, including:

  • PHP

  • PERL

  • C

  • Cold Fusion

  • Java

  • ASP

  • CGI

  • C++

  • Visual Basic

  • JavaScript

Database Languages Include...

  • Microsoft Access

  • My SQL

  • Microsoft SQL

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